Universality of the Sikh Religion

Sikhs believe that Gurbani, the bird of the Gurus, is a direct revelation from God to the Gurus and for the benefit of all of mankind.

How is the Sikh Religion universal?

Sikhism is unique in many ways. It has a universal message and believes in one universal God.

"Ek pita ekas ke hum baarik"

We are all children of the one God. In Sikhism God is universal. He is not limited to one religion. One country cast a form during the time of the Gurus, only the priestly class, the Brahmans, could learn about or practiced religion. The Gurus spoke out against this and stated, (updesh chau varna ko sanjha).

"Manas ki Jaat Sabhey Ekai Pehchaanbo"

Recognized the human race as one. Sikhs also believe that all of mankind was created from the same light and is equal. No one is higher or lower.

"Awal Allah noor upaya kudart ke sabh bande"

First, God created the light, then by his creative power he made all mortal beings from the one light.

"Ek noor te sabh jag upjaya kaun bhale ko mandey"

From the one light The entire universe welled up.

So who is good and who is bad?

Sikhs believe religions are paths to God, and anyone from any religion following any path can realize God if they are sincere.

Koi bole Ram Ram Koi Kudaai Koi Sevey Gossaiaan Koi Allahi.

The Gurus recognize the diversity of spiritual teachings but stated that in reality there is one teacher, God, who appears in different forms to guide humanity. There are Sikhs schools of philosophy, Sikhs teachers, and Sikhs teachings, but the teacher of teachers is one who appears in so many different forms. The Gurus never claim themselves to be God or incarnations of God. They exemplified utmost humility and led by example through living a Householder's life while remembering God. While Sikhs believe strongly in their faith, they do not believe in coercing others to convert or making aggressive attempts to convert others to their religion. Anyone can adopt Sikhism, but the focus of Sikhism is not to convert others but to make one's life an example for humanity through devotion to God through Sikh principles. While the Golden Temple or Harimandir Sahib is the center of the Sikh faith, there is no required pilgrimage to any Holy place in the Sikh religion. Sikhs do not believe in ritual clean sing or bathing to wash away sins.

"Jal ke majan je Ghat hovey nit-nit maindak naavey"

If Salvation can be obtained by bathing in water, then what about the frog which is always bathing in water? The Guru strongly rejected meaningless rituals and stated that one should live a simple life of hard work and charity while remembering God's name at all times. They rejected both fasting as a means to realize God and also rejected renunciation of the world as a means to spiritual enlightenment. The Gurus also believed in the equality of women and stated that women can equally participate in devotional worship. The Guru spoke out against the mistreatment of women which was ingrained into the culture.

"So kyon manda akhiye jit jamae rajaan" (So why call her bad?)

From her Kings are born the Gurus appointed women as missionaries and as leaders of the congregation. In addition, women in Sikhism are allowed to participate in all religious ceremonies according to the teachings of the Gurus. Sikhism is also unique in that its explanation of creation of the universe does not contradict science. In Gurbani, it States that first God created himself and through his creative power, the whole universe came into being. It also believes that God is not separate from creation. Guru Nanak Dev ji said he himself created himself. He himself assumed his name. Secondly, he fashioned the creation He beholds it with delight. In addition, the Guru stated, there are infinite universes beyond our own.

"Kot brehmand ko Thaakur Swaami"

God is the Lord and master of millions of universe. Sikhism also believes in the diversity of life on the Earth and Holy Scripture States that there are eight 4 million forms of life, 4. 2 million on land and 4.2 million in the water. Thus Sikhism is a unique religion. It believes in a universal God, a universal teaching the equality to your mankind. The emptiness of religious ritual and does not contradict the findings of signs.